Mountain Woods Ladies’ Night

Club Members $60 +tax
Future Members $299 +tax

Our Ladies’ Night is every Tuesday starting early June and ending late in August each year.

This league is non competitive and focuses on simply enjoying 9 holes of golf weekly while socializing with other ladies in this program.

Each player will have the opportunity to sign up and attend 2 clinics over the season. Three PGA of Canada instructors are available and you will have the opportunity to learn from two of the three.

Ladies’ Club Members Events

Members may participate in pin rounds which run morning and evening every Tuesday for 10 weeks. Tee times start at 8:30 AM for ladies participating in the 18-hole morning round. Tee times start at 5:30 PM for business ladies participating in the 9-hole evening round. A fee of $15.00 is charged to participate in Ladies’ League activities. A draw for both morning and evening rounds is prepared and e-mailed to members by the Ladies’ Captains on the Sunday/Monday prior to rounds.

On weekdays other than Tuesday, the ladies’ captains schedule 3-4 tee times which are available to ALL lady members (not just those registered in Ladies’ League). This is an opportunity to play a relaxing round of golf with other lady members and we encourage returning and new members to use these tee times. Call the Pro Shop, at least 2 days in advance, to register.

Members are encouraged to record their golf milestones on the posters displayed in the locker room. We have posters to record birdies, eagles, holes-in-one, best holes (ringers), and Tuesday pin round scores, as well as a poster to capture Break 100, 90, and 80 milestones. Prizes are awarded at year-end for various achievements captured on these posters.

This is a match play tournament. Players compete hole by hole. The player who wins the most holes wins the match. Players must have an established handicap (HCP). Lower handicap players must give higher handicap players strokes on the most difficult holes (see score card). The number of strokes to be given is equal to the difference between handicaps. Example: HCP 35 – HCP 22 = 13 strokes.

Ladies’ Field Day features 18 holes of golf with challenges and prizes.

The Ladies’ Closing Banquet and Awards Night in September marks the official close of the ladies’ club events for the season. (No golf on this occasion).

Mountain Woods Men’s Night